The Evaluation of Antminer S19

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Bitmain released the S19 Pro in late February 2020. Its rated hashrate is 110T±3% and power consumption is 3250W±5%. S19pro miners have been successively delivered to each mining farm by the end of May. After the stable operation of the miner for a period of time. Our personnel arrived at a mining farm in central Inner Mongolia and spent four days to measure the actual operation of the S19 Pro miner.


  1. Local climate and mining farm inlet air temperature


According to historical weather data, the highest temperature recorded annually in the region from June to August 2015 is 32 ° C, 31 ° C, 36 ° C, 31 ° C, 31 ° C, and 31 ° C.

The mine is located in the industrial park. The air flow is side in and top out. If the maximum ambient temperature in summer is calculated at 34℃. According to the characteristics of heat source in the mine, the maximum inlet air temperature of the workshop in summer should not exceed 37℃. The air temperature after passing through the water curtain should not exceed 31℃  and the relative humidity should be between 30-80%.



  1. Introduction of the miners


The S19 Pro miner is designed for the integrated power supply of the chassis. The machine size (without package) is 370×195.5×290mm; And the weight (without package) is 13.2kg. It can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the height space of the shelf in the mining farm.



The heat dissipation of the miner is designed for the front and rear double-barreled fan and a net cover is arranged on the outside surface of the fan. This ensures that mining farm’s operators avoid injury by accidentally touching the blades. The fan is grated on the back. This effectively prevents external particles from entering the high-speed fan and hitting the force plate.


Single fan voltage is 12V and current is 1.65A. The maximum speed is 6150rpm and the maximum air volume is 197cfm. According to the series and parallel characteristics of the fan, the parallel fan design on the single side of the miners significantly increases the ventilation capacity. The series design of fans on both sides of the miners makes it significantly more resistant to environmental resistance. Therefore, the ventilation volume of the miner will not fluctuate dramatically with the change of the mine environment.


miners internal calculation board using a whole piece of heat sink heat dissipation, heat sink for linear design. Although the wind resistance failed to effectively reduce a lot.However the heat sink design effectively increases the heat diffusion area of the chip. The heat generated by the chip can be evenly and quickly transferred to the heat sink and taken away by the wind in time.


  1. Measured data of S19 pro minersoperation


On-site personnel select the miners under a certain position on the shelf for testing and obtain the following data through monitoring background.


The inlet temperature of S19 Pro miner is 23.1℃; Relative humidity 70%; The outlet temperature is 38.8℃; The relative humidity is 32%; The average air volume is 370cfm; The outlet air temperature of the power supply is 28.0℃; The total power consumption of S19PRO miners is 3320W. The miners control page shows that the average hashrate is 111.8Th /s. So the power consumption ratio of S19 pro is 29.69W/T.



The S19 Pro has also performed surprisingly well at the end of the pit. Micro-bit mine pool (VIABTC) background display S19 Pro effective computing force average about 111Th/s. After the miners is connected to the "firepower machine gun pool" and the "hourly exchange" function is enabled. Its maximum revenue growth than the traditional PPS+ model can reach 23.99%. The figure below shows the calculation of the earnings of different accounts through VIABTC.



Influence of air volume and air temperature variation on operation of mine


According to relevant statistics, 45% of electronic products are damaged due to high temperature. The high temperature problem in the mine is mainly caused by the insufficient ventilation of the mining farm’s air outlet temperature rise. By changing the air flow through the miners, the field personnel observed the change of hashrate of the miners and obtained the operating state of the miners under different ventilation environments. Here are the results:



As shown in the figure.When the air inlet temperature of the miner is fixed at 31℃ and the air volume of the miner decreases from 370cfm to 190c. The hashrate of the miner does not fluctuate significantly and remains around 111.4Th /s. If the air volume continues to decrease. The hashrate of the miner begins to be unstable. Further reduce the ventilation rate of the miner to 170CFM; And the miner will be protected by high temperature. Therefore, the actual ventilation volume of each S19PRO miner should not be less than 190 CFM in this mining farm.


The temperature environment of miners running under different air volume is also different. As the most typical data index, the relationship between the air temperature at the outlet of the miners and the hashrate is shown in the following figure. It can be seen from the figure that the air temperature at the outlet of the miners should not exceed 61℃ in actual operation.



Influence of temperature fluctuation degree of air outlet on operation of a miner


In addition to the miners can withstand the air outlet temperature limit. The fluctuation degree of ambient temperature change also has a certain influence on the operation of miners. Field personnel in different time to increase the inlet temperature of the miners from 22℃ to 40℃ to observe. Check the change of miners hashrate. And get the change of miners hashrate. The final data are as follows:



It can be seen from the curve that the fluctuation degree of the inlet air temperature of the miner varies between 0-3.6℃/s. The change of miner’s hashrate is small which indicates that the miner’s hashrate is almost not affected by the change of temperature environment in summer.


Influence of environmental humidity change on miner operation


The field personnel observe the change of calculating force of miners by controlling the humidity of air inlet. Finally the calculating force of the miners changes with the humidity of the inlet of the miners.



According to the curve, when the relative humidity of the inlet air of the miner is in the range of 30%-90%; The operation force is 111.7-111.8Th /s which is the normal operation force. This indicates that the change of relative humidity in the workshop in a short time has little effect on the operation of the miners.




Due to the large difference in air flow field environment. The air volume obtained by the miner varies greatly in different locations of the mining farm which directly affects the outlet temperature of the miner.

In order to ensure that the outlet temperature of the miner is kept within the appropriate range. The air flow field of each miner should be calculated in the design process of the mine and the air inlet temperature of the miner in summer should be reduced by designing water curtain or other equipment. In the process of operation the distance between the miner and the water curtain should be greater than 2 meters to avoid water splashing into the miner; The workshop should be kept clean and the particle number should be no less than 32.5 million particles /m3 in the workshop environment with the diameter of not less than 0.5μm.


  1. A Summary


The integrated design of S19pro is more compact and reasonable. Reasonable thermal design of miners. The combination of fan and heat sink ensures good heat dissipation of miners. The average hashrate of the miner is 111.8Th /s under the running state. The power consumption is 3320W and the actual air volume is 370CFM. The air outlet temperature of miner can be increased to 61℃ in summer. The relative humidity tolerance range is 30-90% above; This makes the adaptability of the miner to the mine greatly improved.


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