The Evaluation of INNOSILICON T2T 30t

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INNOSILICON’S holding company- INNOSILICON Technology was founded in 2006. It has over 12 years of IP/IC development and design experience. In recent years it has shifted its focus to developing bitcoin miners. Until now it has launched a number of Bitcoin miners with algorithms such as Scrypt, X11, CryptoTonight, Blake256, Blake2b, EquiHash, CryptoTonight and so on. Launched models cover all the mainstream currency miner algorithms. And the innosilicon T2T-32T is a relatively new bitcoin miner. Now let Doris show you the evalution of T2T-30T.


Innosilicon T2T-30T parameters:


Hashrate: 30TH/ S (+/- 5%) SHA256


Power consumption: 2200W (+/- 10%)


Power consumption ratio: 69W/ Th


Size: 460 mm * 160 mm * 236 mm


Note: Built-in ASIC Boost function


Innosilicon T2T-30T is all in one miner. The power supply is integrated with the mainframe. The size of the machine (without package) is 460*236*160mm. Net weight (without package) is 14.2 kg.


Innosilicon T2T-30T preset four mining modes. The fan speed will be maintained at 30% during normal operation of the miner. Noise levels are between 77 and 80 decibels. After reaching the preset temperature warning value of the mode. The fan starts to gradually run at high speed up to 100%. The noise level is 88-91 decibels. The power consumption during the period will differ by about 100W after a 3-5 minute cycle. And the noise level of each mode will be close to each other.


Temperature values vary from model to model. The outlet temperature varies between 51 and 70 degrees from low power mode to high performance mode.


Comparison of the preset mining mode in the Innosilicon T2T-30T


Efficiency (Low Power Mode) : The miner operates in low power and low power modes with a temperature warning value of 55 degrees and an average hashrate of 27.9T. The total power consumption ranges from 1940-2037W and the power ratio is about 69.5-73W/T.


Balanced (Balancing Mode): The recommended mode for balancing power and power consumption. The temperature warning value is 60 degrees. And the average hashrate is 29.5T. The overall power consumption ranges from 2204 to 2265W with a power ratio of 74.7 to 76.7W/T.


Factory (Factory mode) : Factory default setting mode. The temperature warning is 65 degrees.

The average hashrate is 31.6t. The power consumption of the whole machine is between 2217-2350W. The power consumption ratio is about 70.2-74.3W/T;


Performance (high Performance mode) : high computing power and high power consumption mode. The system will remind you that this mode is the overclocking mode of the miner when running it. Please ensure that the power supply and wire can support the load with high power consumption in this mode. The temperature warning value is 70 degrees. The average hashrate is 33.8t. The power consumption of the whole machine is between 2370 and 2512W. And the power consumption ratio at this time is about 70.1-74.3W/T.


The mining machine mode can be modified to "Performance+" mode by pulling the progress bar of the mode to the far right . It can realize the overclocking of the miners. However, certain requirements are put forward for the power supply. As long as the power supply has no starting protection mechanism. A small overclocking can be carried out appropriately.


Bitcoin miners evaluation of the Innosilicon T2T-30T


Performance+ Mode: The system will also remind you that this mode is the supercomputer mode of the miner at the running time. Please make sure that the power supply and wire can support the load with high power consumption in this mode.

The optimal frequency will be automatically adjusted half an hour before the miner is started in this mode. The single hashrate board will fluctuate between 7.7 and 11.8t. And the highest hashrate up to 34.8t. And it will stabilize at about 34T after half an hour and the power consumption will range from 2450 to 2602. The temperature warning value is 72 degrees. And the power consumption ratio is about 71.8-76.3W/T.


Summary of Innosilicon T2T-30T Evaluation


  1. The InnosiliconT2T-30T adopts an all-in-one machine design.And the shell temperature is well controlled which is convenient for the maintenance of the mining farm and improves the efficiency. Its volume and weight are slightly larger than other movers. And the noise level is also slightly higher;


  1. The preset 4 mining modes can be switched freely according to the need. It’sconvenient to control the energy consumption. Each mode is about 2T higher than the previous mode. The high computing force mode after overclocking has certain requirements on the power supply and wire. It can be appropriate overclocking as long as the power supply is not protected. The miner's highest hashrate can reach 34T/S;


  1. The front and rear fans are equipped with metal protective cover.And the bottom is also equipped with anti-skid pad to ensure the safety in the mining production process;


  1. The hashratelevel of the whole minerreaches the official parameters. The lowest power consumption ratio of 69.5W/T and the hashrate of 27.5T/S. After 24 hour test of the four modes and short over frequency test. The hashrate curve of the mining pool is stable;

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